Over 1.2 billion Shell Casings Were Fired During WWI

What happened to them?


As long as men have been at war, soldiers have taken the by-products of battle and used them to create things. At the turn of the 20th century, this concept came to be known as trench art. Trench art is the collective name for authentic art, weapon replicas and other creations made by soldiers, prisoners of war and civilians during times of armed conflict. It’s a window into the past, transmitting memories of conflict and survival for the art’s creators and the people who have come to own it today.

Trench Art

Made in the Trenches

Lucky Shot USA is committed to supporting veterans and honoring our military. Made in the Trenches is our dedicated space to expose, appreciate and immortalize our nation’s rich trench art history. At Made in the Trenches you’ll find awe inspiring photos, cool historic tidbits, and modern day collectibles inspired by trench art that you won’t find everywhere else.

30MM Gatling Gun Bar Set

Modern Day Trench Art

Lucky Shot’s exclusive line of Made in the Trenches products are inspired by trench art or fashioned directly from period components dating back to WWI.

30MM Trench Art


The Made In The Trenches Abrams Tank 120MM Ash Tray is carefully machined, cleaned, sandblasted, polished and finally clear powder coated preserving the head stamp and illustrating the rounds history.

Abrams Ashy Tray

Functional Trench Art

Bullet bottle openers, lighters and jewelry made from recycled shell casings.

Bullet Bottle Openers

About Us

Lucky Shot USA is a family owned and operated company committed to producing high caliber, handcrafted gear based on military artifacts and modern-day trench art interpretations. Our growing team of nearly two dozen employees includes a number of veterans, and we’re proud to support our active-duty troops through partnerships with the USO and other deserving charitable groups.

Made In The Trenches products can be purchased at LuckyShotUSA.com


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